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‘Kitten season,’ typically May through November, is when an annual influx of orphaned kittens arrive in shelters needing care. Their labor-intensive care can strain a shelter’s space and resources, but early care and social interaction is vital to each kitten’s future.

Recognizing this need, the team behind ACANA™ pet food is helping kittens by increasing awareness of ‘kitten season,’ donating 5,000 cases of wet kitten food in April - which is equivalent to $250,000 at retail and 120,000 meals - to feed kittens throughout the country, announcing its first kitten cuddler and encouraging people to volunteer.

The team will pay one cat lover $10,000 to cuddle with kittens at a Best Friends Animal Society® partner shelter (subject to meeting eligibility criteria and complying with contest rules). Please complete the form in the link below and enter for a chance to win. Form may take up to 5 minutes to complete.

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How to Get Involved

The ACANA™ pet food team is also encouraging everyone to support their local shelter during this season. From fostering to cuddling cats who are looking for their forever homes, there are many ways to help kittens and shelters. Learn more about how you can support a local animal shelter and complete a volunteer application today.

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