Tender Treats with
True Benefits

Reward your dog and help support their health with irresistible ACANA Chewy Tenders! Chewy and delicious, each recipe is crafted with animal protein and helps support a key health benefit.

Salmon and chicken Bowl Salmon and chicken Bowl
Animal Ingredients


These chewy treats are rich in animal protein.

Bone Broth

Savory Bone Broth

Adds protein & a delicious burst of flavor.

Sweet Honey

Sweet Honey

For a soft, chewy texture dogs love.

Made in USA

Using quality ingredients from around the world.

11Color and size may vary.
2Approximate and derived from the unprocessed state of the ingredients.
Ingredients depicted in fresh form before processing. Proportions and quantities not representative of contents of one package or serving. Cuts may vary..
Salmon and chicken Bowl